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Leonids Meteor Shower

November 12, 2011


One of the hidden delights of large, underpopulated, undeveloped places is the prospect for clear dark nights, free of light pollution.  The Colorado Plateau is one darkest places left in the 48 states.  The Leonid meteor showers are coming up. Steve Owen of  Dark Sky Diary can tell you more.  . . . more>>

Starry night enthusiast and his camera

October 7, 2011


The Colorado Plateau has some of the most light pollution free dark skies in the continental U.S. On a dark Plateau night, the Milky Way casts a shadow. Dark nights may not feel intuitively like a resource worth protecting, but on this blog by Jaymi Heimbuch of, youthful photographer Ben Canales captures some of the grandeur and wonder of a dark, starry night with his camera. In a (somewhat long winded) attached video he even will show you how. . . . more>>

World’s first International Dark Sky Park is in Utah

September 27, 2011


International Dark Sky Park In 2006 the International Dark-skies Association designated a small park in Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument, as the world’s first International Dark-sky Park, thereby setting the bar incredibly high for those parks that wanted to follow suit. The skies above Natural Bridges are amongst the darkest in the USA. Once a source of wonder--and one half of the entire planet’s natural environment—the star-filled nights of just a few years ago are vanishing in a yellow haze. Human-produced light pollution not only mars our view of the stars; poor lighting threatens astronomy, disrupts ecosystems, affects human circadian rhythms, and wastes energy to the tune of $2.2 billion per year in the U.S. alone. Read more . . .