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A Book Can Still Make a Difference

March 21, 2014


Spine-Continent_CVRLast night Kirsten and went to a lecture by Michael Soule', father of the conservation biology movement. I credit Soule for adding value back to his science of ecology by doing something about it, including founding the Wildlands Network to create wildlife corridors that enable adequate migration to protect species necessary genetic diversity. [read more . . .]

Curmudgeon category?

November 9, 2011


I categorize each of my posts in one of the categories you see on the right. I don't have one for curmudgeon, but perhaps I should. It takes one to know one and it's a favorite of mine. Tom Wharton is turning 61 and as he takes personal inventory of the role of journalism and the state of politics and the environment he is none too happy. I know how he feels. . . . more>>

Yoga in a stampede.

November 3, 2011


It's the time of year ranchers bring their dwindling herds down from the mountain and green the road up. New West meets Old West as the cows come through town, a beautiful yoga instructor out Zens a stampede, a cowboy whomps a Cadillac and the boys at the cafe take it all in stride. . . . more>>

The Wisdom of Wilderness

October 14, 2011


According to The Christian Science Monitor in a reader recommendation, psychiatrist, contemplative theologian, counselor, teacher, writer, and Shalem Institute fellow Gerald G. May wrote his last book, The Wisdom of Wilderness, as he was dying. We journey with him into the wilderness, which he says is “not just a place; [but] also a state of being.” He guides us to what is natural and wild in our own lives – and to the healing grace of nature. Sounds good, I haven't read it yet, if anyone does, please let us know your thoughts.

More bear stories . . .terror and triumph.

October 13, 2011


This according to The Spokesman-Review: Grizzlies are high profile this year. A lingering winter and late berry crop kept bears in proximity to humans longer than normal, perhaps contributing to a stream of headlines about grizzlies killing people and people killing grizzlies. Meanwhile, a young lady on a big horse charged out of the pack of grizzly stories near Glacier National Park. In a cloud of dust, the 25-year-old wrangler likely saved a boy’s life while demonstrating that skill, quick-thinking and guts sometimes are the best weapons against a head-on charging grizzly. . . . more>>

Nature Writing, Curmudgeon Style

September 23, 2011


Dennis Hinkamp never cared much for nature writing as a genre because, he says, usually there's too much wafting, glimmering and shimmering. "Things seem to happen outdoors that seldom happen in real life. Animals, for instance, often come off seeming more noble, contemplative and spiritual than humans. I think nature can be just as drunk, self-indulgent and spiteful as any human being, which is why my backyard has come to serve as the perfect setting for a short story by that master of gritty fiction, Elmore Leonard." Takes a curmudgeon to know one, this essay made me smile. . . . more>>